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Where do I even begin? I am in awe over this outfit. Go Beyonce. 

Big Haired Lady.

Sketch I did in China. 



Still In Love Love Love with green. 

Ni Hao

I've been gone. But I am back, again. For those of you that don't follow me on twitter, I have been in Beijing, China with my boys having the time of my life. It was definitely a trip I will NEVER forget and I came back feeling refreshed and ready to create. Beijing was everything I thought it would be and then some. The Great Wall was unreal and we even had some good Chinese food. Finally. 

Here are a few of my favorite pics. Okay maybe more than a few. Enjoy!

Everyone thought our baby was a local. Something must have been in the water I drank there when I was pregnant :)

China you were so good to us. Can't wait to go back!



Its only right that I got it on the finger I hold my sewing needle and pencil with. 

Sister, Sister.


ps. audio is a little off.


My FIRST Watercolor Illustration.

Far from perfect, but like my pencil sketches...it will only get better with time and more practice. I had fun nonetheless!



Black & White

Watercolor skills are not quite up to par yet. Excuse the lack of color.


Crackle Polish.

Why didn't I think of this???



Modern Day Paper Dolls

Leah got me hooked on this website where you can create different looks from 4768347568347658397658734 different pieces.

Its so overwhelming but so incredible at the same time. There are so many things to choose from.

Here is a simple look I created for a casual day in La. It takes me forever and a day to make one look because I can never make up my mind.

You can create your own look here.

If you make something that you just fall in love with email it to me here. I'd love to see!

You have been warned. This is insanely addicting!


Goodness Leah!

I have mentioned before that I have the most INSPIRING best friends in the whole world....

If you don't know her name by now you will soon. Here's a clip of Leah from an show in LA. She is currently on tour with Eric Benet.
I can't even watch this without getting teary.

Go Leah Go! Mama loves you.

Why do my videos always cut half off???! help!

Follow Leah on twitter here.

My other sister Ms. Aysia Bell just graduated from college with a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism. 

Follow Aysia on twitter here.

I think its about time I step my game up! 

Expanding my Horizons

So, losing my colored pencils wasn't a total failure. It inspired me to try a new medium.

Next on my list....watercolor painting!

Stay Tuned!

The Case of The Missing Colored Pencils!

In the midst of our move out of state/out of country (we just can't sit still!)my colored pencils/sewing machine/everything I use to create were accidently packed away and put in a pod and shipped off to who knows were instead of being mailed as I had stated in HUGE pink letters on the box! Oh well, life happens. I have slowly but surely been getting new supplies one thing at a time and am getting back to work! Vacation was much longer than I had intended for it to be. 

Here are some unfinished pieces:

Now that I have new supplies I will be updating finished pieces more regularly :)


The Show Goes On.

So I have been obsessed with this song since I first heard it. Partially because the lyrics are amazing and partially because I love ALL things via Lupe Fiasco.

Don't get me started on Lupe, I will just leave it at that <3

Anyways I found this clip of a violin cover of the song and O M G.
I'll just let you see for yourself...

Here is the official video which is equally incredible:

Via DJ Green Blog


Technical Difficulties

My sewing machine is have a "moment." I'll be back to posting work of my own..Hopefully sooner than later. But in the meantime enjoy my daily internet findings.


Louboutin for Barbie

oh how I'd Love to be 10 again....

I don't even own a barbie, but I still want every single pair. Christmas is right around the corner ;)
If you have $70 to spend on a little amazing piece of plastic....but still a piece of plastic nonetheless you can them here.

The Colorful ART of being Rihanna.

Kanye Interviewed Rihanna for an piece in Interview magazine. The interview was rather boring but the pics were stunning. Here are a few of my faves. 

Rihanna AMA's : I know I'm way late....but this is possibly the best I have ever seen here look. That hair on her is genius. I may have to rock the curls myself!


My Current Piece

I haven't posted any of my work lately. Sorry, I've been super busy. Here's what I am working on now for a new client of mine :)

I'll get back to posting more often soon, I'm in the middle of a big move and a ton of NYE dresses. I haven't forgot about you guys!



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